Here we have the musings and considerations of one “Boomer,” born at the very crest of the wave that would become known AS “The Baby Boom.”


It is a viewpoint from one whose family did, in fact, climb into the “Middle Class” in the United States of America across the span of nearly a century and who has watched as the momentum propelling the population into that very same Middle Class, which was once the foundation of said United States of America, has dwindled and appears to have run out.  The very structures that were the devices of ascent have failed, either by poor design or by subsequent alteration, so they no longer function.  The manufacturing that was the broad foundation of the Middle Class has fled as Capitalism has gone genuinely world wide and business has pursued better profits using the cheaper labor on other continents.  We seem to have left the “Industrial Age” and embarked on the “Financial Age,” and that seems to have facilitated the flow of increasing volumes of wealth at increasing velocity into ever-fewer hands.


It is a fundamental change in the country.  It cannot be avoided.  The world simply is no longer what it was in those days and the question of the continued existance of a Middle Class in the United States of America is among the primary questions of this part of history.

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