It is my heart that is drawn

                                      To the forests.


My mind                          goes along

                             And chatters           and learns

                                    And remembers


                             And is          sometimes    silent.


Deep,  though, at the core of the me

                             I know         unchanging

is that which is drawn by the Earth

                             As it was…


The memory, distant,        lives   … not

                             in my mind, in the day-to-day

                             comment and description


So clear, yet so distant, so

                             Immediate    and so soft

Power, drawing palpably the nuclear

                             Kernel around which I am




As if back to its conception called

                             By the mother of its being


The sweet and aching joy of the

                                      Source                             unaltered.

Grand and sweeping.        Limitless       in


                             Power and scope     and    so


                             Intricately     delicately


                             Incalculably                                subtle.


The web woven of   Balance                           and

                             Motion                                      never same

                             never different                  every effect             

                             causing                            each cause




Infinite Wonder.


Calls … draws    me                to know        Not

                             who am I who describes,

                             though I may witness my descriptions.



                             who am I that is the cause

                             and effect     of mind.


                             Though this mind might see

                             Itself in the clarity




Indescribably small           luminously present

                   Constantly at bed    rock



                   Crystal Radiant                          at rest


                   and afloat                                  somehow


                   both   there and   not there


                   The placeless place around which


                   I am a body in space and time…


Is sweetly drawn to the denning wolf

And the soaring hawk, the cranes’ ballet

The cheeta’s grace and the mother elephant’s

                             Tender caress



Outside of knowing is the Being One

Of the Earth and Our Family of

Life              that grew here.


The seeing the family                  of care

                   And provision                            affection

                   Kindred        protection


                   The giving up and passing on

                   Of life                              through eons.


The immediate        living            connectedness


It is my heart that is drawn to the forests.

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